Information About Holiday Inn Council Bluffs at Ameristar Casino

A Holiday Inn Council Bluffs at Ameristar Casino is a must for all those who wish to play the slots at the world famous Ameristar Casino, Casinos in America. It is located at the boardwalk of Cottonwood Mall and offers excellent facilities. All of the rooms have air conditioning, large windows, and fully equipped kitchens.

For those who wish to have a place to stay while they are on their way back from the Sun, the casino offers many options for lodging, including the vacation apartments, apartment suites, private villas, three star hotels, and luxury five star resorts. It offers a wide variety of food choices, ranging from eating establishments to restaurants. The only thing that is expected is for the guests to have fun, relax, and enjoy casino gaming.

The atmosphere of the casino is very much like that of Las Vegas, as it has beautiful lights and great music, many people would love to gamble while the live shows are happening. It provides both live shows as well as slot machines. A majority of the casino staffs in this Casino are women and many of them are professional dancers.

Aside from these, there are also many more things that are available to gambling and slot machines. For instance, the all-you-can-eat buffets are another thing that one can experience in this Casino. Although you can spend good money, the food is still not expensive. There are also plenty of amusement rides to ride.

There are also lots of vacation apartments and villas that are being rented by different individuals for the purpose of playing at the casino. Some of these villas are being rented by families as family accommodation. And others are being rented by business men or executives for having a nice time.

Those who want to try out all of the night gaming at night can get weekend passes. Weekend passes enable them to take the casino tour at any time of the day. They can also get welcome vouchers from the casino for free drinks and snacks.

Many people from Las Vegas, other states, and from around the country visit the casino. That is why if you are visiting this town, you should visit this Casino, it has some excellent slot machines as well as other games. The casino staffs in the casino are so friendly and helpful, they are really a pleasure to be around.

The slot machines are worth checking out if you visit the casino, because they pay much attention to detail. The hours of operation of the casino are very flexible, you will find slots from morning till late at night. In addition, there are plenty of great things to do at the casino such as seeing shows, going to the restaurant, playing casino games, and enjoying the friendly staffs and the great ambiance.