The Amerisal Hotel and Casino at the Council Bluffs

The Ameristar Casino Commission Bluffs Entertainment is a unique addition to one of America’s premier casinos. The four-level hotel offers everything from world-class entertainment to top-notch dining and spa services at the very highest standards. There are some things that will surely please even the pickiest casino goers, including award-winning restaurants, a top-notch pool, and five different game rooms, each offering a relaxing and entertaining experience.

All entertainment centers are fully equipped with the latest technology. The casino room is equipped with state-of-the-art video equipment, and all televisions and sound systems are state-of-the-art, as well. High definition televisions and surround sound systems are standard equipment for all rooms. In addition, each entertainment center also has an extensive variety of high-definition televisions, home theaters, DVD players, and surround sound system.

A large swimming pool with an exciting, fun-filled atmosphere is a common feature in all the rooms at the Ameristar Casino Commission Bluffs Entertainment. The pool features heated floors, a whirlpool and jetted hydrotherapy pools.

The Amerisal casino also features one of America’s largest bowling centers, with two lanes and three lanes dedicated to professional bowling tournaments. The hotel features an outdoor covered playing area with a full bar and complete setup to accommodate guests with game play or gambling. The club is situated right next to the gaming area, and guests can enjoy the entire night with friends and family while watching the game on the television screens.

The Amerisal Casino Commission Bluffs Entertainment also features an exclusive club called the “Giants Club.” This club offers members discounted admission to various events, including sporting events, concerts and other special events, as well as a discounted meal discount to local restaurants located near the hotel.

The Amerisal Casino Commission Bluffs Entertainment has two swimming pools, two championship golf courses, and a full service restaurant. All these facilities are available to all guests at the same competitive price, and quality, making the Amerisal Resort an excellent choice for any traveler or vacationer.

The Amerisal casino also has an array of entertainment and dining venues for those who visit the resort. A full service restaurant called the Tuscany Cafe serves dinner and snacks at reasonable prices. The Casa Noble Restaurant serves casual lunch and dinner every day, as well as full-service lunches, along with a bar and kitchen.

The Club Lounge features high-class cocktail drinks at reasonable prices, and hosts a variety of live performances on a daily basis. The Bistro on Main features live music every day and serves delicious appetizers.

There are many attractions to see and do in and around the city of Americus, Georgia, including the Amerisal Hotel and Casino. The best part about visiting the hotel is that you can enjoy everything for less by using the coupons available.