Media Partners

World of Coffee & Tea is proud to present the media partners for 2017.



Australian Tea Master




  Coffee T and I


  Coffee Trend Magazine

Coffee Tea Business Magazine


Global Coffee Review

Global Coffee Report is a respected business publication,
providing updates on coffee industry developments and
trends from around the world. 

With a team of correspondents, Global Coffee Report is
more than trade magazine, but a true business and news
resource. Our strong editorial team is engaged with key
decision makers from critical businesses to ensure relevant
and up to date content on new insights, innovations and
discussions that help divulge potential macro effects on the
global coffee trade.


Stir Magazine

STiR coffee and tea is the world's leading INDUSTRY
trade magazine covering tea and coffee. The major
focus of STiR coffee and tea is the concerns of
coffee roasters and tea packers, tea leaf and coffee
bean importers and exporters, and tea and coffee
growers and plantations. Readers will learn what
manufacturing processes are being used, the latest
packaging techniques, types of coffee and tea, which
countries/companies are leading the way, and all the
latest on the equipment, machinery, supplies and services
required to bring tea & coffee products to the marketplace.